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SELC Playoff upsets

SCAD, FGCU, Elon, and UNCC all lose in first round to SAU, Charleston, Kennesaw, and Reinhardt, respectively. Insanity.


  • SCAD has been shaky all year so not totally shocked that they lost but I never would have bet on KSU or Charleston. Not sure FGC gets an AL now.
  • bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
    wow. just wow. exciting times in the SELC.

    what does this do to the national picture?
  • I was at the Kennesaw Elon game and KSU dominated that game especially early. They jumped out to a 4-0 lead and put Elon on their heels. I have not seen a team play that aggressive in a long time. Elon could not clear the ball. It was only close because the KSU starting goalie apparently broke his collar bone and the backup had to finish the second half and did a great job stepping right in.

    I still can't believe the other upsets not so much the SCAD upset but FGCU yes and somewhat Elon going down. Must have been some really great games and cant wait to see what the semis bring tomorrow.

    I wonder if the SELC will even get one AL with all of the big teams dropping in the first round kinda helps PBA out having sat at home. Who knows how that ends up. But does that upset over Elon help KSU make a case for an AL or even Charleston?
  • bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
    COC and Reinhardt are ineligible for the at large - no OOC

    Kennesaw is 0-2 OOC... but they did just take down the #9 team and did go to OT with #10.
    SAU is 1-2 OOC... and they just beat #13.

    I think I might actually say SAU's resume is a little bit better? maybe not?

    this is a head scratcher for the committee for sure...
  • It certainly will be an interesting tournament to see who ends up with the AQ out of the SELC. Im not sure how the committee is going to look at these losses by FGCU, ELON and SCAD. I still think that the FGCU is a bigger loss than Elon going down to KSU. KSU has been ranked the entire season and got a pretty large drop after losing to Reinhardt but Elon should still probably get the AL over Scad and FGCU and PBA sitting at home. I know the committee likes to see teams travel and take on top competition and PBA just doesn't travel, mostly because its florida and everyone comes to them.

    The semi final matchups are teams that have never played each other ever, so that should make it a bit more exciting. It is a bit surprising to say that Reinhardt is the only #1 seed left but hey they are looking good this year.
  • SCAD and PBA are definitely out. SCAD's wins over FGC and PBA aren't looking so impressive now and while they traveled, they lost all those games. PBA lost to SCAD, FGC and GC while only beating bottom of the poll USCG and No CO which just recently has been ranked. SCAD received an AL a couple years ago despite not making the conf tourney because they had a very impressive resume, including a late season trip to Long Island where they beat top 5 Davenport and top 10 Briarcliffe. PBA isn't close to that and no way they garner the same respect. As stated, they never travel which to me and I think the voters, is a big deal. FGC is a fairly new team and they've come a long way in short order but again no travel this year. When they did like last year, they chose a couple of games vs the vaunted LSA that did nothing to help their ranking or SOS.

    This is the time of year ooc games are so huge and unless you're counting on winning your conf tourney, you better plan ahead. If Rheinhardt or Charleston had scheduled a few decent ooc games they might have earned consideration for an AL.

  • bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
    edited April 26
    6x6 said:

    SCAD and PBA are definitely out.

    Not that I necessarily disagree - but who is in? WWU whose only OOC win is a winless OOC Concordia team?

    Lourdes if they beat grand valley today? They're 0-fer in t25 currently as well.
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  • 6x6 said:

    SCAD and PBA are definitely out.

    Not that I necessarily disagree - but who is in? WWU whose only OOC win is a winless OOC Concordia team?

    Lourdes if they beat grand valley today? They're 0-fer in t25 currently as well.
    Point taken. Unlike years past when some deserving teams may have been left out, it seems the opposite that we are struggling to find teams to be included. WWU beat San Diego also but that doesn't help their case much either. Southern Oregon perhaps?
    Should KSU lose a close one to Reinhardt do they earn one after beating Elon and a 1 goal loss to Indy Tech during the season?

    There are 9 AL spots this year correct? 5 will be taken by the CCLA and UMLC so it will be interesting to see who the others will be.

  • bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
    I'd say 6 are taken by the CCLA and UMLC.



    One gets the CCLA AQ and the rest are all going. I think at least.
  • Yeah same ones I had, with 2 AQ and 5 AL, forgot UMLC doesn't have an AQ.
  • Once again I went over to Northview HS to watch the two D2 semi final games. The first game was a back and forth battle, both teams trading blows and the lead and was an all around good game. There was a bit of controversy at the end of the game and appeared that Reinhardt had 7 men on the field when they scored and was not called and the Charleston coach lost his cool. Unfortunate way to end a great game between two teams fighting til the end. Reinhardt is looking pretty good going into the finals.
    The second game between St. Andrews and Kennesaw State was a bit more dramatic. The KSU starting goalie broke his collar bone friday night against Elon and the backup goalie came in and struggled early. As the game went on his confidence grew and the team stepped up around him and rallied back. KSU was down 5 goals at one point and only allowed one goal to be scored in the second half. Kennesaw tied the game up with little over a minute left in the game and was able to get possession again taking a timeout with 13 seconds left. They then score the game winning goal with 2 seconds left on the clock. Whatever adjustment they made at halftime was brilliant because they come out in the second half more patient and relaxed and just fought back slowly. It was a great game to attend and I cannot wait to see the finals tomorrow afternoon.
    Reinhardt must be feeling going into the finals against Kennesaw State since they beat them 17-5 a few weeks ago in division play but Kennesaw looks to be rallying behind their backup goalie and could make a push for the championship. Im not going to make a prediction on this game but should be exciting.

    It does open the question on what other teams from the SELC have a shot at an AL. KSU is 1-2 OOC and Reinhardt has not exactly challenged themselves with their schedule. FGCU losing in the first round I think eliminates them. A team that highly ranked should have at least made the semis and been ok with a loss there but not in the first round. PBA sitting at home during the conference playoffs really hurts them and with the lack of travel for competition and weak resume puts them out. Elon is probably the only team that lost in the first round that can say that they deserve an at large because they lost to a strong KSU team that has been ranked the entire season and made the finals. But if Elon gets in does KSU get left out like a few years ago when KSU beat SCAD and makes the finals to lose to ELON and then SCAD still gets an at large. The CCLA looks to be sending at least 5 maybe even make a case for 6 teams but who knows how the rest of it is going to play out. Will certainly be interesting to see how the GRLC tourny ends up. Should make for some exciting discussion in the next week or so.
  • With the way the SELC D2 is going, it opens the door for both WOU and WWU from the PNCLL to get into the Nationals. Neither has an OOC resume, but both have great records. Tough for teams on west coast to play a strong OOC. Very costly.
  • bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
    edited April 27
    WOU is a lock to be in regardless of what happens. They've played everyone in D2 that a team can play on the west coast and won them all.

    I have a hard time giving WWU a bid when they only played 1 meaningful OOC game. They needed to play both Fullerton and Concordia to have the OOC resume for being a tournament team.

    I think at least. If they don't upset WOU, They have to hope Concordia pulls the upset in SLC's - then there's a reason to talk about them I think.
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  • The Reinhardt and Kennesaw State final was a good game and the score does not reflect the talent and tenacity of KSU. That team beat #9 Elon friday night, scratches and claws back from being down 6 goals against St. Andrews to win with 2 seconds left in the game on saturday.. I'm not trying to take anything away from Reinhardt, they earned that championship and deserve to go to California and represent the SELC. It is probably not the first or even third choice that anyone had would get the AQ out of the SELC but they left everything on the field and played a well disciplined game.
    Congrats to Reinhardt University we all hope that you go far in California. It does bring up the alot more questions about the rest of the SELC teams sitting waiting to hear about AL's. Halfway through the season everyone was talking about 4 possibly making a stretch for 5 teams from the SELC possibly making the cut, but it doesn't seem like that will happen now.
    I think that SCAD and PBA are certainly out. PBA mostly because they could not take care of business in their own division and lack of travel and quality opponents. SCAD for a barely over .500 schedule and early loss in the playoffs, also two unranked losses don't really help.
    FGCU and Elon are the two teams that I believe have a legitimate shot even though they lost in the first round as well. FGCU loses to an unranked Charleston and their only other loss was to SCAD early in the year. Elon loses to KSU who has been ranked every week the entire season and their only other loss is to Grove City. I think Elon certainly gets an At Large bid before SCAD, PBA, and FGCU do. I guess we will have to wait and see how the rest of the conference tournaments end up and I think everyone will be watching the CCLA playoffs closely.
    Kennesaw State may get a long shot but it would certainly be a long shot for an at large bid. If the game vs. reinhardt in the finals was a bit closer it would be a little bit easier but only one top ten upset on their resume and four ranked losses is what everyone will see. It's hard to imagine how different the tournament would have been if they didnt lose their starting goalie friday night against Elon. KSU will be strong again next year and I think they will push for a championship again but came up just a bit short again.
  • @Rambler85‌ , 11 goal loss is a good game? I guess you use different standards than me. Did your starting goalie not play against Reinrhardt just a couple weeks ago when they lost by a dozen? If so, not sure how different the outcome would have been. Congrats to them for making it to the title game and having a nice season.
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