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MCLA D2 Top25 Tracking - Final Poll

Please let me know of any errors or omissions.

2 Gripes:
1. CSU-F and WWU should be grouped together. They have the same basic resume (loss to WOU ; win against CUI). I'd argue they should be more where WWU is. If anything, WWU has the edge because they traveled to play CUI. I think the committee is going to say the same thing and you will see the SLC AQ slotted somewhere around there.

2. Lourdes and CUI should be grouped together. they have the same basic resume (no unranked losses, no travel to play top25 OOC, 3 losses to T25 teams). Unfortunately for the CCLA - i think it takes Lourdes out of the MCLA tournament discussion. I think it would have been awesome to see 5 CCLA teams battle it out in California (but i know i'm biased).

T25 Tracking - Final Poll.pdf


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