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Is This NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Field Serious? - Lacrosse All Stars

edited May 6 in Division I

imageIs This NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Field Serious? - Lacrosse All Stars

In the spirit of "Is this D1 lacrosse poll serious?", I'll be taking a look at the NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament teams and asking whether or not they were ranked correctly. Was Duke really deserving of the #1 seed? Should a non-AQ Ivy team really have made it in to the tourney over Hofstra? Let's take a look and see if this selection group is serious!

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  • Scott LudwigScott Ludwig Minneapolis, MN
    I have a big problem with Duke being #1. Loyola beat them soundly. They finished 2nd in the ACC regular season and lost the ACC tourney semifinal. But a computer rating has them first some how so...

    Loyola was the best team all season. They were one goal from being undefeated and deserved the top seed. Instead they are 3rd and get Albany, seeded 14th but was 8th on LaxPower.

    If they are going to go 'by the computer' then North Carolina got jobbed. They are 5th and will have to play at Denver (seeded 5th). UNC defeated Harvard (14th computer) and Maryland (2nd computer). Their losses were in OT to Duke and Syracuse. Meaningless "showcase" game became a very meaningful result I guess.

    If ALL the teams were seeded by the computer (not a way to do it) I would understand since it would be equal for all. But the committee seems to have used the ratings when they wanted and then randomly placed other high rated teams low. Not much of the process seems to make any sense.
  • Regarding Loyala, I agree they got screwed on their placement in the tournament, however the comment "playing Albany is a much bigger match up than Bryant, Siena, Richmond, or Air Force" didn't sit right with me. You do realize Bryant beat Albany earlier this year?
    Scott Ludwigjackmish
  • Its all about putting fans in the seats. The tourney has had declining attendance for the last couple years. How does the NCAA fix it? Take a page out of the old BCS. What teams fans travel the best?

    Hop vs Virginia. Just down the road, traditional rivalry, Hop fans will be there in force. Winner gets Duke in Baltimore. Any way you slice it, there will be fans in the seats.

    Denver vs NC. Denver fans are rabid and Tarheels fans will travel.
    Drexel vs Penn. No brainer. They are a mile apart. Should be a packed stadium. Winners fans will drive 2 hors to Baltimore. Either Denver or NC' s fans will go to Baltimore.

    Loyola vs Albany. Best team in the country vs the Thompson juggernaut. No brainer. Loyola is 15 min. From M&T. Albany wins, Danes fans will come out of the woodwork.

    Terps vs Big Red. After last year, should be a sell out. Both fans will go to Baltimore to get a chance at Cuse.

    If you are the NCAA and want fans in the seats to look good on tv for new and casual fans, these are some damn good games.
    Kevin Rowen
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