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Traditional or pita for ncaa regulated face offs?

Hi guys I'm an up andcoming freshmen in college and I'm also a face off middie. I've been trying to figure out what will help gain an edge on the field but a little hesitant to try tradish or pita for summer ball into fall. Any help on which is better/ more consistent to do?


  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    Both work fairly well, but in my opinion Pita is slightly better. Having that center track allows the leathers to move into the back and then outside of the head again with greater ease. You can do Connor's double interlocks and create less work for yourself maintenance wise but regular interlocks work well too and if taut enough they won't slip too much once broken in. Now regular asymmetric trad works just as well, a friend of mine who was a senior this year used it and it worked great for him. Try both if you want, it'll be more time, or you can buy one of Connor's stringing styles and Stylin Strings. Personally in my experience, neither mesh nor leather is better than the other for face offs, it just tends to be more people are good enough at making mesh pockets than traditional ones, which is travesty.
    Pita is what I used when I tried traditional for face offs, I used a single interlock and it worked well, the main difference between pita and regular, is that the outer leathers can hug the sidewalls and keep the ball in the back of the head better with the connected center track, although you can have the outers hug the sidewalls in a regular traditional pocket, I find it allows for more maintenance required pocket if your a face off guy. And to answer your question Pita can be at its best a more consistent pocket, and you can make the diamonds smaller and graduate them larger without causing pocket problems like it can in traditional, allowing for more shooting strings if you want them while keeping the stringing college legal.
    Hope this helps and good luck in college man!
  • Thanks brother real help I'm gonna purchase a kit from stylin strings tomorrow big help!
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