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The Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: MIDWEST

StaffStaff Boise & Brooklyn
edited June 2014 in Recent Articles

imageThe Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: MIDWEST

Thorough breakdown of the best summer lacrosse tournaments in the Midwestern United States, including dates, locations, costs, and things you should know.

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  • Thanks for the nod to the midwest tournaments but I am afraid you guys should have done a bit more research on what the area has to offer.

    First, last year Brewtown was a nightmare for most (if i dare say all) youth teams involved. Due to rain, and a blatant lack of backup scheduling consideration, teams had to wait upwards of 8 hours to play their first game. The director of the tournamnet was so bombarded by unhappy parents and coaches that at several points he could not be found. Thanks to the coaches from True who stepped up and straightened out that schedule for them; i hope they got some kickbacks for picking up the slack. I would not recommend that programs take their teams there based on our experience. The only bright spot was the men's bracket, there was some good competition there.

    Some great staples in the area are Pipe City (huge tourney, decent competition), Cherry Bomb (great destination), Lax Chicago (if it is still called that), Dick's Midwest Cup (great fields, strong competition at the HS levels) and the Warrior Chicago Summer Classic (ran by True, usually can pull some decent talent from outside the area.

    Other interesting emerging events are the LXM Chicago event that debued last year and the NXT Rock River Cup (2nd year, well run, word is spreading about competition). Oh yea, don't forget the US Lacrosse National Qualifier in Wisconsin.

    Although the competition for the most part is getting better, the midwest as a whole is still emerging but don't sleep on the higher level programs. A lot of players are committing to legit schools which only helps these events that can draw them away from one of the coasts for at least one tournament.

    Great write-up guys, keep it up.
  • Tanner JobTanner Job Vancouver, BC
    @eazyc Thanks for the input, it was tough to find information about the tournaments! We will be sure to add these to the list in the future!
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