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Hot Pot Of Lax: Youth Sticks Are Holding Back The Game - Lacrosse All Stars

StaffStaff Boise & Brooklyn
edited June 2014 in Recent Articles

imageHot Pot Of Lax: Youth Sticks Are Holding Back The Game - Lacrosse All Stars

This week we take a look at the pockets manufacturers put in their youth sticks. It's a travesty I tell ya! Plus we’ve got the Lacrosse Video of the Week and ALL the links worth reading!

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  • I have an Under Armor Spectre with the soft green mesh. Do you suggest restringing? Also, what is the best mesh/shooting string situation for young players who are not really position specific? Son plays 9U. Thanks. Keith B., Cumming, GA
  • Tanner JobTanner Job Vancouver, BC
    @keithb restringing your stick is totally up to you. If it has a good pocket and you like how it throws and shoots then I wouldn't restring it.
    The best mesh/shooting string situation really depends on the player. Some players like some whip and other don't. Younger players sometimes get caught up in having to much whip and hold though so they can't pass or shoot well. I would say get a pretty well strung pocket and just keep playing around with the tightness and shape of the shooting strings until your son finds what he likes/is able to play with best.
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