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Waxing Mesh

Hi everyone i am about to start waxing my own mesh for my company, Vegas Strings. I have researched different types of waxes and i have finally come up with four waxes that sound good to be used in waxing mesh. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any more insight on using these types of waxes, comments would be greatly appreciated!. I have planned on using Paraffin, which from what i know, is extremely flaky. But i have also seen then there is different refined versions of it, so would that make it more or less flaky? Then i also found PP wax, which is a synthetic, anti slip, and resistant to abrasion. Then i also found another synthetic wax, PE, which is very similar to PP, but it is more slippery, vs the other which is anti slip. Then there is beeswax, which i havent found much on. Is it just used as something like a filler to dillute the other types of waxes? Thanks for the help in advance and have a good one!
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