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A Solution to the Stick Dilemma - Lacrosse All Stars

StaffStaff Boise & Brooklyn
edited July 2014 in Recent Articles

imageA Solution to the Stick Dilemma - Lacrosse All Stars

With new rules being put in place to regulate the length of shooters, how far down they can be, and if the ball will roll out, I think it's time we take a look at the bigger issue - the stick itself.

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  • I totally agree with you. Pinched heads are totally overrated for shooting anyway. I own over ten heads and you know which one shoots best? An STX Proton U that was given to me by a D-pole who didn't want it. I strung it up with an attack-friendly pocket for fun and it rips. I can't find another stick that shoots as well. And, it's great for ground balls. Look at what guys in the late '80s and early '90s could do with Laser Hi-Walls.
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    I think it is a moot point. People will adjust. And I am kind of insulted too. I think that the skills of the people playing the game these days are out of this world. I don't think it matters what stick you hand Rob Pannell, Paul Rabil, or Lyle Thompson, they're simply not losing the ball on a simple poke check. I welcome the wide heads, but I, and anybody else worth their salt as a stringer, will be able to string in a channel regardless, and the ball will still hold the way it holds. When they changed the rules this year, I moved to a monster mesh with 1 shooter, and I can still dodge through 4 people, same with my traditional piece. I know everyone from the old age wants the golden era to come back, but has anybody ever considered that the people playing this game might actually like it the way it is? I love seeing the ridiculous things people can do with the ball in a stick and how they can handle it through traffic and shoot 120 mph, plus the speed of the game is not going down... athletes are as fast as ever, at the highest levels the ball swings so very hard and fast (and I coach it that way too) today's passes are yesterday's shots. I know the ball takes longer to come out of the stick, but the ball is also moving much faster once it has been released. Less quick release, but much more velocity on it after load. In high school I played with an original excalibur on a solid hickory shaft with leathers (and another with mesh on a brine long crosse) and honestly, I am happy the stick tech has come so far. We will all have to adjust as the rules continue to change, but don't think for 2 seconds that anybody is going to settle for the ball being able to freely leave their stick. Changing the stick isn't going to stop us from stringing in channels, using traditional pockets, basically making it so the ball doesn't come out. As long as the freedom of customization is left in the stick, many people will find ways to make the ball stay in, no matter how wide the head is. I have several goalie heads that I can dodge with just as well as an attack stick (and I make it a personal point to make all of my goalie heads throw and handle like an attack stick, my goalie heads can do "one handed shenanigans a la mark matthews.") and that's even with the old eclipses I live and die by.
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