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The USA Canada Lacrosse Post You Need To Read - Lacrosse All Stars

StaffStaff Boise & Brooklyn
edited July 2014 in Recent Articles

imageThe USA Canada Lacrosse Post You Need To Read - Lacrosse All Stars

Canada Lacrosse beats a seemingly unbeatable Team USA 8-5 in the World Lacrosse Championship finals and all hell breaks lose.

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  • Great piece ^ and I agree with much of it, but two points (and the first is really a detail).

    First, Canada didn't take great advantage of the Iroquois penalties in pool play. If you look, you'll see we scored 1 time on 10 minutes of man-up. That allowed the Iroquois to play tough. Canada wasn't being strategic; we lost our cool. We took 7 minutes in fouls, allowing two goals. It was our weakest game, but the comeback win gave us a sense of team and resilience.

    Second, I agree that the US would be alone in voting for a rule change, but I disagree that they'd even want one. Why?

    Because usually they are the most patient team. And a change to those rules would open the door to other changes that might not suit them, like a clearing clock. But the biggest assumption here is that a shot clock would favour the USA. Canadian players grow up with a 30 second shot clock from age 8 on. If both sides needed to drive or shoot within the 30, Canada would be happy to force an outside shot and then go for ground balls. They would, however, need to attend to X more than they do.

    Your main point is right. It comes down to skill and strategy. The USA has proven they are champions 9 times, but 2 of the last 3 have been Canadian wins. It will be interesting to see how this influences things in Manchester 2018.
    Connor WilsonscriffJeff Brunelle
  • Some quick thoughts on why other FIL countries probably would not support a rule change. Firstly, the vast majority of countries play outside the Blue Division so increasing/decreasing the US's advantage is irrelevant. Secondly, other countries do not have the facilities to implement shot/clearing clocks. You're lucky if you get one referee to come and officiate your game, they don't have the ability/time to add these clocks to their existing workload and no clubs have clocks on their sidelines.
    Connor WilsonJeff Brunelle
  • You captured it beautifully. Great lacrosse is about ebbs and flows. The 3 pass goal and aggressive defense. Canada found a way to win and the US had no response. It is easy to slow a game down but tough to speed it up. The US better be ready in 2018 there will be a lot of possession lacrosse. Canada reminded me of the old Princeton basketball teams. The game was entertaining and may actually be the best thing for a Lax Olympics. The IOC does not want to add a sport where the USA dominates.
    Jeff Brunelle
  • awesome, insightful comments from @moserjohn @coppledt @smokinhotdaddy and @conlax14 - you all gave me even more to think about... much appreciated! Keep the thoughts and comments coming!
    Jeff Brunelle
  • I hate the idea of a shot clock, it is ruining the game. I have a much greater appreciation for the college game than the MLL because the MLL is so rushed and so sloppy. I want to see beautiful plays not one guy run all the way down the field and take a bad shot, even if he scores. The shot clock is for the ignorant fan who doesn't understand the game. The MLL claims they want to grow the game right then get rid of the the shot clock and play good clean beautiful lacrosse.
    scriffConnor WilsonJeff Brunelle
  • @seanberce‌, I completely disagree. I understand the game just fine, however I am in support of a shot clock for the MLL and NCAA. (international is not ready for one just yet) The shot clock allows refs to focus on the game, simplifies the game for spectators, and keeps the pace up to allow for a more exciting viewing experience. While I do not begrudge Canada for playing in a matter that gives them the best chance of winning, in my opinion the FIL final was painfully boring and almost un-watchable.

    While you are right about MLL play often being sloppy, I think you missed the cause. The fact that most teams practice together once (or zero times) a week and that players have regular full time jobs has more to do with the lack of continuity during MLL games. If

    Soccer is "the beautiful game" and lacrosse is supposed to be "the fastest game on two feet". Right now lacrosse is at risk of losing its slogan.
    conlax14Connor Wilson
  • Rather than change the rules they should shrink the field. Make it consistent with a football field instead of soccer (I know it is slightly different dimensions than soccer). This makes it harder for teams to stall and increases the intensity across the board. You could do it at every level and not only increase the intensity, but save a lot of confusion of striping on multi use fields.
    scriffConnor WilsonJeff Brunelle
  • @scriff That's are great point! I can't wait for the day that MLL teams can practice as much as other professional sports.

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