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Olympic Lacrosse And The Iroquois - Lacrosse All Stars

StaffStaff Boise & Brooklyn
edited July 2014 in Recent Articles

imageOlympic Lacrosse And The Iroquois - Lacrosse All Stars

A major topic of discussion out in Denver was Olympic Lacrosse. How close is lacrosse to be a sport in the Olympics? 2024? 2028? 2032?

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  • conlax14conlax14 Milford, MA
    While I would love to see lacrosse on an Olympic level just because it increases the international visibility of the sport, I'm not sure it's the right goal to push for. The lacrosse world is small. This push is taking the extremely limited amount of time and resources available that could otherwise be used for enhancing FIL's footprint and growing the world games (indoor and outdoor).

    Just because lacrosse might be an Olympic sport doesn't mean it's all of a sudden the new thing around the world. Look at curling, badminton or speed skating. Some countries go crazy for these sports, others not so much. Same with hockey. Only a few countries have a legitimate shot each Olympics.

    Being biased like you, I cannot imagine international lacrosse without the Iroquois represented. Their inclusion is what makes this sport different from every other in the world. Ignoring that is not a change for the better. I also do not see the US agreeing to any sort of sovereignty talk. Look at any major case that's made it into the federal judicial system and you'll see why. Ultimately it's too hard to the government to develop a workable solution that guarantees things stay the way they want it, which is like today's setup.

    Independent tournaments in most sports are the defining moments in athletic careers. The World Series, World Cup, Tour De France, NBA championships, Masters and Stanley cup are all prizes with equivalent Olympic golds (except baseball currently) where they headline an athlete's accomplishments. Lacrosse and the world games can be the same. Until you can get an entire blue division fighting for should be as well.
  • no iroquois, screw the olympics.
    we're lacrosse and i am growing tired of the need to be "liked"
    we have our culture, its unique, and if the ioc clowns can't handle it, who needs the olympics anyway?
  • Connor, I would argue that you are missing a major point on your list. The individual countries themselves... Each country has an Olympic Committee. They are the ones in control of the funding and also have the final say what sports the country will enter in to any Olympic competition. Ive said it before in the past when you have commented on Lacrosse and its olympic dream, why would a country fund a team of players (16+) when they can invest in say a swimmer or a cyclist and win multi medals with that one person. Team sports are not in vogue with Olympics Committees and they have shown that in the past. For example the UK entered a number of team sports in 2012 because as it was a home games. As soon as the games ended they cut funding for a number of team sports like Basketball, Field Hockey, Handball and Water Polo. I know it was the same for a number of other countries. However, I totally agree with you that the indoor game is a suitable alternative offering. I personally think we will see a hybrid indoor game that both men and women can play. Look at Rugby 7's as an example, its a hybrid version of the full game which will be played in Rio 2016 for the first time and is full contact and has the same rules for both men and women. I would argue that could be the best road for the FIL to go down. It would certainly upset the women's games traditionalist... But some sections of the women's game have shown that they are willing to embrace change. We even have women's Box Lacrosse in Canada!
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