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Selling your fakes

Hey guys I just had a quick question that over the years I had been pretty oblivious to, what are some good ways to sell your fakes? I'm not talking about throwing hitch fakes when you're 1 v 1 with the goalie, i'm talking about getting defenders to bite and give you a bit of room to re direct a pass or rip one. All advice is greatly appreciated!


  • Hey afrolaxer, I find that when doing a fake there are 4 important keys

    1) You need to be comfortable with your stick enough where you can actually do a good, solid fake motion.
    2) Apply as much speed as you regularly would for a speedy feed into the center, all defenders can read a slower fake much easier than a fast fake.
    3) Make your head, shoulders, and hips rotate as much as they would normally (if not more than usual) for the "pass"
    4) Get the throat of your lacrosse head beside (or further if you can) the defender's ear before rotating your stick to rest position.
    5) Enjoy not only breaking ankles, but necks too.

    Hope it helped!
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