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New High School Lacrosse Rules: Goodbye U Shooters - Lacrosse All Stars

StaffStaff Boise & Brooklyn
edited August 2014 in Recent Articles

imageNew High School Lacrosse Rules: Goodbye U Shooters - Lacrosse All Stars

The National Federation for High Schools Sports (NFHS) has released new high school lacrosse rules for 2015.

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  • kids are going to find a way to keep the ball in their sticks no matter the rules. It is honestly down to the coaches to teach the kids body position instead of slashing
  • I love this move I've been having to string alot of kids sticks to be college legal for high school anyway because they want to get used to it before they jump into the college level. I really hope they move to making the universal spec heads the norm sometime in the near future but it remains to be seen. We've already witnessed in the college level that this rule doesn't hurt offensive production or quality so no one should be worrying about high school games being low scoring affairs. Making these rules more in line with the college level will just help those moving to the next level down the road. A win-win.
  • This is a good move, but they should have gone to the same head specs as NCAA, too. Who cares if it causes an "uproar." The uproar would only be from people who have been benefitting from ridiculous heads in the first place. As to the cost – again, so what? Lacrosse is not a cheap sport. Most of these kids buy new heads every year or two anyway. A lacrosse head is far cheaper than a hockey stick, and those things break far more frequently.
  • Just to update the information in the article. The implementation of the stringing rule has been postponed until 2016. See
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