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Hot Pot: Making Lacrosse Safer - Lacrosse All Stars

StaffStaff Boise & Brooklyn
edited August 2014 in Recent Articles

imageHot Pot: Making Lacrosse Safer - Lacrosse All Stars

Everywhere we look, people seem to be talking about making lacrosse safer in one way or another. Ok, let's talk about it.

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  • conlax14conlax14 Milford, MA
    It's a very tough line to draw for sure. You look at any men's league out there and many of the players will be down to just helmets, gloves and maybe elbow caps. There's an acknowledgment from most of us who have played for a long time that injuries do happen, it's part of the game and accepted. The people I know who really pad up usually have some sort of physical job where a banged up shoulder can impact their livelihood.

    With kids, it's a different story, especially beginners. Nobody wants to see kids get hurt in any capacity and everyone's reaction is to how to prevent it from happening. I found coaching this past year that I was shocked how may times I was left in a situation where kids are looking to me for an explanation or a penalty and all I can really say is "yeah, that happens". Your legs will get hit on GBs, you'll be hit with shots as a defender and your neck will get the occasional slash. They all happen. In those examples, I don't think it means we need shin guards, full chest/back guards and a lacrosse equivalent of horse collars. We have rules designed to keep people cautious around the head, tripping keeps away most accidental leg contact and the focus on the ball/stick.

    I want to let the equipment manufacturers keep doing their thing. They'll keep making things stronger, lighter and more flexible. I like the game how it is and technology can increase safety over time.
  • less plastic, more leather like material.
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