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Earlier MLL Season?

This seems to come up all the time, but does anyone in the lacrosse world know why David Gross is constantly pushing for an earlier start? Rabil mentioned on twitter last night there were hints of an April 11th start date next year while interviewing gross on satellite radio. It seems ludicrous to me, but I'm curious if that's just me.
Mark Donahue


  • Mark DonahueMark Donahue Video King! Boise, ID
    My guess is to catch momentum while college and HS is still going on, some kids forget lacrosse exists in the summer when they aren't playing!
  • conlax14conlax14 Milford, MA
    That's the best I can come up with as well. That trying to force overlap will somehow boost interest. It just seems to me that the league isn't in a position to do that. Your best players coach in college (conflict), are drafted and still playing in NCAA (conflict) or the NLL (conflict). When you rely on your players have day jobs, I'm not sure why you would put them in a position to make these choices. You already don't have a full roster until at least 25% of the way through the season, and now it will be even worse. The all star game will have players that might not even be on teams at the end of the year.

    It hurts the on field product, which I think is what they're selling, but maybe not. Maybe they're just selling the game day experience to kids. Either way, it's not done in a very open manner and frustrates me quite a bit as a lacrosse fan who wants to see the MLL succeed.
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