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Red, White and Box: American Box Lacrosse Update #1

StaffStaff Boise & Brooklyn
edited August 2014 in Recent Articles

imageRed, White and Box: American Box Lacrosse Update #1

Welcome to my new series Red, White and BOX! The is an update and meeting place for those who want to know more about all thing American Box Lacrosse.

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  • Lets not forget about NAMLA the minors League that feeds into the CanAm league which has produced such talents as Lyle , Miles , Jeremy Thompson and Zach Miller . The CanAm league itself in which most of these guys still play in. The newly formed ILA which is also fed by NAMLA. The Seneca WarChiefs just took silver in a tough fought game versus Six Nations at the Founders Cup. Currently Onondaga mens team currently ripping up the presidents cup. No doubt Canada is great box players but I guarantee not one member of any of our teams would place them on some pedestal.

    Here is some minors clips a playlist from Newtown peewee
  • excellent writeup - if only uslax could figure it out.
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