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TUTORIAL: Two Leather Traditional Pocket

edited May 2013 in Traditional
Connor Wilson shows you how to string a pocket invented by Brendan Shook, a legendary defenseman from Johns Hopkins. It's only got two leathers and makes for a great high pocket.

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  • thestringer7thestringer7 big rapids, mi
    Found this video when you put it out right before my last spring season of high school lacrosse and it worked so good for about 3/4 of the season until a string ripped in the middle of the pocket..tore it out and threw a 5-diamond trad in and played the rest of the season off with that. Both worked wonders. Thanks for the idea starter! Gotta string one of these up one of these days when I get a few free hours from classes and work haha.
  • I've done this head and a pita pocket and can't decide which is better for me. This one I did first so it isn't very good but I like the feel it has when I cradle and I like the way the ball snaps off the shooting string. On the pita pocket, for some reason the smoothness of the release annoys me, like I don't quite know when the ball came out. The pita also doesn't have great hold for me but I love the definition and the sturdiness of it. I play close defense but do run the ball sometimes. Which do you think is better? Also on pita's for defenseman, is a wide or narrow middle track better?
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