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What happened with the BC/WOU fight in their consolation game? I know both of those teams play with a lot of passion and play a very physical brand of lacrosse. I could easily see how tempers could flare if the game wasn't properly controlled.

Also - Dave Franklin said that lacrosse players from the state of Oregon were arrested for breaking and entering in Greenville. Which team was it? How could that happen? From subsequent tweets it sounds like they were members of the Ducks squad, unless there was more than one incident in Greenville.
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    I definitely heard about this as well. It sounds like things got out of hand early in that game and it actually had to be called with 30 seconds left because there were six guys in the penalty box.
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    I think a lot had to do with the lack of control by the officials. I wouldn't classify it as a fight but a shoving match that we felt should end a "Consolation" game. BC tips there hats to WOU and hopes to see them next year in the tournament (god willing BC makes it again). Hopefully, the game will be for real and not just a friendly consolation game.
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  • I know I'm late to the party here but thought I should throw something out there because of the teams involvement. The WOU/BC "fight" was certainly more of a shoving match as @BCGeneral30 mentioned. Certainly nothing like the fight @Steno's Whitman team started against WOU ala 2008. I know WOU walked away with more respect for Briarcliffe because they are a gritty team (like us) and no feelings were hurt.

    Also just to clear two of the school's from Oregon. WOU and OSU had nothing to do with Dave Franklin's accusation that lacrosse players from Oregon were arrested. In fact no players were arrested according to the Duck's coaching staff.
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