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MCLA 2014 Tournament Dates and Site

bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA

It was my understanding the the MCLA Tournament Proposal with Greenville was a 3 year contract beginning in 2012 running through 2014 - with an opt out 2/3 of the way through.

What does everyone think the chances are that the committee would keep the tournament in Greenville through 2014?

If they do keep the tournament in Greenville - what do you think the proposed dates will be?

My bet is that the committee will do a 3rd year in Greenville (that 100k is always enticing to leadership), with the dates of the tournament being 5/12-5/17

I'm also betting that with the way Easter falls in 2014, that conference tournament dates will be the weekends of 4/25 ; 4/26 ; 4/27 and 5/2 ; 5/3 ; 5/4 - with Committee selection taking place 5/4 and fields announced 5/5.

Does that look like an accurate timeline to everyone else? Trying to get a jump on some 2014 Scheduling!


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