MCLA 2014 Tournament Dates and Site


It was my understanding the the MCLA Tournament Proposal with Greenville was a 3 year contract beginning in 2012 running through 2014 - with an opt out 2/3 of the way through.

What does everyone think the chances are that the committee would keep the tournament in Greenville through 2014?

If they do keep the tournament in Greenville - what do you think the proposed dates will be?

My bet is that the committee will do a 3rd year in Greenville (that 100k is always enticing to leadership), with the dates of the tournament being 5/12-5/17

I'm also betting that with the way Easter falls in 2014, that conference tournament dates will be the weekends of 4/25 ; 4/26 ; 4/27 and 5/2 ; 5/3 ; 5/4 - with Committee selection taking place 5/4 and fields announced 5/5.

Does that look like an accurate timeline to everyone else? Trying to get a jump on some 2014 Scheduling!
William Sigmund III
Grove City College Lacrosse - Assistant Coach

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  • @bsigmund90 I think you are correct in both saying that the site will be picked up by the MCLA for a third year (because of the money savings) and I have to think that unless something drastic changes that the dates you have listed are correct as well.

    I hope it's not in Greenville but at least when our team plans the budget we know it can't be any more expensive (unless its moved internationally) for our team than Greenville.
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