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Low Final Four Lacrosse Attendance: ONE REASON

edited May 2013 in Division I

imageLow Final Four Lacrosse Attendance: ONE REASON

A big topic of discussion this Spring has been the relatively low attendance at the NCAA Quarterfinals, and Final Four weekend. The usual outlets are offering the usual banal reasons, but doing little to actually think about what is going wrong here.

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  • Great article and completely agree. I used to love to go to the games but now I cant justify the ticket prices let alone parking and gas to get there, especially when all I want to see is the D1 game.
    Connor Wilson
  • and demand. Screw with a market and you get an inefficient market.
    Connor Wilson
  • Well said, Sea Dub.

    I attended this weekend's games and had a blast. The parking lot was full of great tailgates, corporate sponsored events, giveaways and live music. Plenty of current pro and past college greats were around enjoying the festivities as well. The venue that Philadelphia and Drexel provided was top notch. And of course, all of the games were fun and entertaining to watch.

    Then I checked the ol' bank statement this morning. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. $110 per ticket for 3 days (x's 2 because I brought my better half), plus food, transportation, parking, and hotel room set me back about $800 for the weekend. I'm seriously considering not going to to next year's final four. I have gone every year since the games were at Rutgers in 2003. I guess it was fun while it lasted.
    Connor Wilsoncarsonb32
  • $20 for a game is not so bad. A movie at iMax runs $15. On the other hand $55 for parking, yikes and selling mainly as an $85.00 package may not be good marketing. As I sat in the comfort of my chair on the west coast, I wondered why the crowd was not bigger. As much as lacrosse is growing across the country in high school programs and MCLA, it faces very tough competition from pro baseball, basketball and football. The American big three. Think about the fall and all the packed college football stadiums. $80 for a ticket in Autzen Stadium for an Oregon game, that is chump change.
    I don't think there is a quick fix or a magic bullet, that will fill the stadiums for lacrosse games. More likely it will be a long slow process of education of fans. I thought the lacrosse matches were very exciting, both to see Cornell jump ahead, fall behind and almost make it back and to see Duke overcome an incredibly slow start to come out the Champions. The quality of the play was great and the pace of the games seemed much improved with the new rules.
    Connor Wilson
  • We've been going with a large group(30-40 people) from our local youth and HS program for the last 6 years and have had a blast every year. Even when you include food, hotel, gas, rental car (always rent a huge SUV every year for tailgate supplies etc...) it still ends up being a great value. 5 games for $110, how is that not a bargain? This year we ended up getting seats in the first row at the 4o yard line. Our kids had a chance to celebrate with the Duke players and fans after the D1 final. It was awesome!
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