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Fogo Head Thread

So i guess since there isn't a thread about this yet.. What are the face off heads that you guys use aside from the OG blade which I will probably never have the privilege of using which is good because I feel like I would break it way too easily as a really heavy clamper. In the past I have used a clutch x, Emperor X6(summer ball), Blade pro which is my current gamer, Tribe7 Ghost, and an OG Savage.


  • I have been using the blade pro with soft mesh for a while, and the OG Torque with traditional. I like the blade pro because I feel like I can fight for the clamp pretty well with it if I don't win outright. It is super stiff at first, but after a little while it began to move enough that I could pinch and pop pretty well. The torque is pretty flexible but I always have to return it to its normal shape, it stays bent. I have heard good things about both the superpower and the professor but have never used them.
  • STX professor is good for face off, its prone to warping (like some STX heads) so after a game you may want to put a baseball/softball in the throat so kep it legal
  • I just got a Reebok 6K and have been using it since it is college legal. They are all dropping in price so you may want to pick one up, it works pretty well after a little breaking in
  • I've used a stallion for a while and it's really nice but warped now. I had an emperor also which was amazing but it broke in the first three months I had it. I'm now considering getting a ceo.
  • Maybe some of you guys can help me out here. I'm trying to decide between a ceo and a blade pro. By the way I'm going to highschool so the head is gonna take a beating and I also stay on the field after a face off. All the help I can get will be much appreciated thanks a lot!
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    @nickpuglia I would say CEO, I took face-offs with both heads this summer during summer ball. I own a CEO and I used a friends Blade Pro that I strung for him. Blade Pro is a great face-off head, but not one I recommend for an offensive player. But its up to you, or if anyone has used a blade pro then let me know if you enjoyed it.
  • Thanks so much @jackmish I was leaning towards the ceo anyway, I hear the blade warps to one side and a bunch of other stuff.
  • my new fav head for fogo's is the Lakota U it has some real integrity in the bottom, throat area but has awesome flexibility and memory through the mid to high section of the head. perfect for the elite fogo.
  • Check out the Easton Stealth Core. It's really stiff at first, but after a while becomes an awesome head for faceoffs and doesn't warp very much at all. I also stay on after faceoffs so it transitions well into both offensive and defensive play.
  • I've been using a blade pro, emperor, noz x & my current on is actually an easton stealth HS version. I really like it because it has the same pinch as a super power or proton power but because of the box beam construction it doesnt warp easily or at all but after you string it all you need to do to win at the X is power clamp and plunge slightly and the ball will be yours to clear
  • Another tip is baking the head as long as it isn't nitrogen infuse like a noz or emporer, you have to boil those heads, what it does is make it more flexible so it wraps aroung the ball but stays stiff enough for GBs and so on, really helps. Tutorials are on youtube
  • @nickpuglia get both and bale the blade pro, it helps it not warp and makes it more flexi
  • Hey guys. Been lurking here for a while and finally thought I'd post some insight.

    I can't tell you how frustrating it is to be a Pro Fogo now a days. Original blades are going for almost a months rent and seemingly nothing warrior will never put out a decent replacement. How will us fogos ever win a draw again with out the precious blade!! (Insert sarcasm for those slow on the up take)

    There are 10 blades on eBay right now. So we know they are not completely unattainable not to mention the ones sideline swap and the ones popping up on instagram. They are all for over 200$(on the cheap end), some as high as 500$. Real "consumers" know you can't tell how long a blade will last until its in your hands and finely inspect for spider cracks and by then it's to late. I've spent 250$ on a blade only to have it explode first time out playing wall ball with no warranty on a head that's been out of print for years now I am SOL.

    I have to ask why does the youth of the lacrosse nation feel that that MUST have these heads?

    Is it because of A.Smith? I've got news for you A.Smith wasn't good because of his head, It was because of his technique. Just so happens he used the blade. He would have been just as good with a high wall head should he have decided to use it.

    Is it because 99% of the MLL guys use them? who cares? everyone in the league uses the blade and there are still guys who are better than others, so it cant be helping that much.

    Is it really adding 20% to your win percentage? no it's not, we both know its not.

    To be completely honest the blade is terrible for anything but the plunger/pinch n pop at the face off X. Thats it, its
    I know only a handful of kids who can actually play a full lacrosse game with an OG blade, the rest face off with them and then go and change their stick to play on the field. This will not fly when you get to college with the new rule changes the "fogo" is going the way of the Dodo bird.(extinct). What you go out to the X with you had better be comfortable playing D/passing/shooting with other wise your doing yourself a disservice.

    The new era of face off athletes is upon us. It is time to leave the blade behind, help your self & help your own game.

    Do you want to know what the best head for facing off in the history of lacrosse is?

    Its the Tribe 7: Ghost 7 head. "Now Jerry surely you say that in jest" you are thinking to yourself. I assure you I am not joking around.
    I consider using this head cheating it is so good. Once the ball is secure in your stick on a plunger its over, no amount of counters will pull that ball out. 43$ for the best face off stick on the planet. AND it comes with a 2 year warranty...2 years...730 days. If on day 729 it breaks send it back. You saved yourself (most likely your parents) hundreds if not thousands of dollars in blade money. Now dad can take mom out to dinner and you can stop lying to them and telling them a piece of plastic will make you a better lacrosse player because its always been the wizard not the wand.

    Its time to stop letting people scam us face off guys into shelling out hundreds of dollars for a head that may not last a face off.

    Other easy to find purchases in no particular order
    Blade pro

    Thanks for reading the rant.

    jackmishstickmanlaxKevin Rowen
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    I completely with @ghr8034 the OG Blade is not really a head you want for anything but facing off. Even the Blade Pro a teammate of mine who used it this season is all that great for any other positions.

    The Ghost 7 is one of my favorite heads, the stringing on it is a bit weird to string if you string it yourself at first but its not a terribly difficult endeavor. It is strong, flexible, and you probably won't even need the insane warranty. A friend had me string one and I didn't want to give it back, I offered to buy it several times. I plan on buying one soon. If you don't believe us search Tribe 7 Ghost 7 on youtube and you will find countless testimonials and torture tests.

    Finally, to agree yet again, it's the wizard not the wand.
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    I had an OG blade from 2005-2008. Was a dream for pinching and popping. My friend broke it and thought giving me an OG evo was the same. Anywho, my favorite FO heads: clutch X, NOZ X (by far the closest thing to the blade you can get, I have several of them) and back in the day I cooked and pinched a vapor that became so rubbery that it could only be used for FO because if you tried to scoop a GB with it, the thing would bend.

    I've been experimenting with the UA Spectre for faceoffs. Its flexible, but idk how the plastic will hold up. For 20 bucks I thought it was worth a shot.
  • alexborg18alexborg18 Tenafly, NJ
    I've been using a Clutch, Noz and a Super Power, they're all great heads but they do get destroyed.

    Clutch: Great for the plunger and doesn't lose face shape, but also tends to break in cold weather (preseason)

    Super Power: Great for pinch and popping once it starts to hourglass a little bit. But after if hourglasses its shot and then sometimes cracks.

    Noz: As socolax2 said that the noz is the closest thing to the blade. The Noz is a great head, great for plungers like the cluch because it is infused with whatever.

    I've been trying to find other good face-off heads. Any suggestions chaps?
  • I think the stringing really effects the heads play on the offensive side of the field more than the actual head does...
  • CEO U is Great. Used it as a backup to my blade pro all fall and plan on using it as my gamer in the spring.
  • The stallion has been my go to head now for a while. I used to use a super power, which is an awesome faceoff head, and now the stallion which is great too. For a cheap head though the warrior swarm is a great head for how much you pay.
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