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New to stringing and looking for feedback

Hey guys,

I'm a LAX dad who is new to stringing. Over the last 2 weeks I've strung several sticks for my sons who play at the youth level.

I'm looking to get some feedback and constructive criticism on how to become a better stringer. The sticks have been thrown with and performed pretty well. The black Lakota with the grey mesh had a lot of whip and bag. I've restrung it a couple of times and was able to fix the whip but haven't had too much luck with the bagging.

Attached are pics of the sticks in the order I strung them. Again, any feedback would be appreciated.

Elite with Duramesh photo preview_image_1_38269282x_zpsdf071be6.jpg
photo preview_image_1_82915022x_zps83e56940.jpg
photo preview_image_1_57106902x_zpsc4f8ab41.jpg

Lakota with Throne photo preview_image_1_53472602x_zps59338c6c.jpg
photo preview_image_1_37291172x_zps93c0af29.jpg
photo preview_image_1_19191502x_zpsda564df2.jpg

Lakota with StringKing photo preview_image_1_28402402x_zps299781d5.jpg
photo preview_image_1_34069512x_zps668d7e22.jpg
photo preview_image_1_61461652x_zps7fa8bd56.jpg

Cobra X with StringKing photo preview_image_1_1343352x_zps4d177700.jpg
photo preview_image_1_8239232x_zpsa9843e13.jpg
photo preview_image_1_24771812x_zpsa28976ca.jpg

Jeff BrunelleRyan Mulvaney


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