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Tips on Breaking in Hard Mesh

jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
edited June 2013 in Mesh
Hey everybody, so I have a question probably that is commonly asked on other sites but I have yet to find a good answer. Like the title says I'm looking for a good way to break in hard mesh, for my own sticks I mostly use East Coast Mesh or Half Hard mesh if I'm not going traditional and I tend to do the same for the kids I string for on my team. Right now a teammate of mine gave me a piece of hard mesh to string his head up with and I've never found a good way to get it to really break in before I string it. Since I am used to seeing my pocket form immediately with the mesh I use myself I'm hoping to find a way to break it in well enough so that I can do the same to give this guy a great pocket. Thanks if you have any tips.
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