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Lax Birthday Party ideas?

Hey All,

Looking for a few ideas for a 9 year old Lax themed birthday party. We are going to have it at a local sports facility that has indoor and outdoor lax fields (inside if its raining). Here are a few ideas I had for entertaining ~10 or so 9 year olds (most of whom don't likely play the sport):
- Getting each kid one of the inexpensive "kid sticks" for their favor and giving it to them early so they can use them.
- Having a relay race like they do at college halftimes where each kids has to run out to a spot on the field, dress up in an adult lax gear (shorts, jersey, cleats), pick up a stick and ball and shoot back into the net.

Any other fun ideas? We have the field for about an hour. Appreciate it.
Jeff BrunelleRyan Mulvaneyshakeandbake


  • Lance AntoineLance Antoine Ohio/Michigan
    have it at a field house so you can shoot around
  • mabey you could play like a knockout and have them stand pretty far back
  • well the above site I posted doesn't work anymore but this one does. It has the same informaiton
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