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Hey guys next year I will be playing d3 lacrosse and I got recruited to be a crease attack man. What head do you think would be best. I was looking into the Cobra X, Evo 4x, and Clutch Elite X but I am open to any suggestions. Thanks.


  • The M80X I've been playing with since freshman year of college and will be using my junior year has served me well. The only thing I can say that would maybe be detrimental is that it has a little more of a pinched face than some attackmen would probably like. It's a great head to string though. If you're going for an evo go for the 3x, it's practically the same thing in my opinion and it's cheaper. The cobra x doesn't give a whole lot of options with the little amount of stringing holes it has from my experience stringing one for a teammate. The clutch elite x has a great amount fo stringing holes so no worries there. It really boils down to your preference in the end and remember it's the wizard not the wand.
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  • In my opinion a wider head would be better because it would make snagging every pass to you easier. The Evo X spec line of heads are good for that. Super Power is also a good head for any offensive position, about 3/4th of the offensive part of my team uses that head as do I. When it comes down to it, its all about our style of play and what kind of pocket you like.
  • Im thinkin Nike Lakota, ive been useing mine for a real long time, and you can string it however you want. Extra hole on sidewall so you could do traditional, peeta pocket, and ect. Very customizable and pretty cheap for how could it is. I got mine strung hard mesh and it is outstanding on attack. Very light,(side note, ive tried on a lot of handle but i think vandal is the best for the head)and always on target. I love it i think anyone else will.
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    I think it just boils down to preference really. Whatever works best for a player may not work for another. Heads actually have a pretty miniscule affect on a players performance compared to the actual stringing that is done to it. You could have the most advanced, expensive head in the world but if it's strung poorly your performance will suffer.

    Good luck in your first year of college lacrosse by the way. It's a totally different atmosphere both with your teammates and on the field. You're gonna love it.
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  • right now I am using a nike CEO with a low pocket with 2 straights and a nylon and i honestly think im not gunna switch it up. And yes I am very excited to play in college.
  • right now I am using a nike CEO with a low pocket with 2 straights and a nylon and i honestly think im not gunna switch it up. And yes I am very excited to play in college.

    If it's already working for you I wouldn't mess with your setup. It's better to be using something you're already comfortable with going in.
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    If you do ending up changing your mind, there are a lot of different play styles, even at crease. Pinched or not pinched, level of comfort is the key thing you want and the pocket honestly matters more than the head in my opinion. I will play crease for my high school next year and I'm using a clutch, an evo pro 2.0, a surgeon, or a super power. It all depends on those which I have strung for that position and feel comfortable restringing quickly if that head breaks.

    Good luck next year!

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  • Go with whatever flows the best, if your really comfy now don't change unless you have to.
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    Has anyone used something like and Edge Superlight? I think it might work well because it's wide so you have a little extra room to grab feeds coming your way, but it's also very light and won't weigh down your shot. Thoughts?
  • I use an Evo X and I'm a do it all attackman. Plus its cheaper than most other heads. If you understand sidewall patterns and can work with the limited sidewall holes then the Evo X is the way to go. Hope this helped!
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  • I would get the lakota it is a nice universally used head that is wide enough to snag a pass but tight enough for the head to flare and it is only 74.99
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    edge superlight, evo x , maverik spider (my personal game stick), revo x ,
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