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Postcard from the ASPAC2013

edited June 2013 in Gear Zone

imagePostcard from the ASPAC2013

A quick recap from ASPAC2013 tournament in Beijing, China last week.

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  • Before Payu brags about being 3rd out of 8 teams in Asia and saying they came behind 2 Blue division teams...they lost to a USA high school club team (USA Starz, not the Team USA like he talked about on social media), Japan's U23 team, and Australia's U23 (Maybe 19...not sure). The senior teams were in Australia playing scrimmages against each other...real competition. Payu hyped ASPAC more credit than it deserves.
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    Not quite sure what your problem is, but it seems like your comment have hidden agenda. We NEVER say we beat TEAM USA, I think you did not reveal a real secret here about it being USA Starz. Besides the rest of the participating teams all lost to them (Aussie lost to USA Starz too) as well.. are you gonna take that away from us? Japan and Australia's programs have been around for 20+ years and have a very large pool of players to choose from. How do you compare a young, in shape talents to a 30 years old+ roster of Singapore (some even 40+)? Also ten players on this "Jr." Japanese team WILL BE on their Denver roster, I believe it's the same with the Aussie. Half of the Thai team is made up of players who only been playing for 2 years.. Every nations with in APLU worked hard on lacrosse development considering we are at disadvantage (from talents, or lack of exposure) compare to European federation for example with drivability between countries. For you to belittle the effort here is uncalled for, and I think you should really understand the effort that goes into forming a team and developing lacrosse within country in our region.
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