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How do you know when you need new mesh

I'm using STX power-v mesh and the release is awful but the hold is great. I don't know what to string on the head if I do. I'm thinking a wax mesh id appreciate recomendations thanks.

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  • I would like to add my 2 cents. I usually tell people to smell the mesh, seriously. If you wouldn't want to sleep with your stick then you need to wash it and probably change the mesh as well.
  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    I've only heard good things about East Coast Dyes, but have never used it. String King mesh is a great product, but when you first look at it it will seem very different to other mesh products. You can't go wrong with either, though, all about preference. Both are great as far as weather resistance, but ECD is waxy while String King is softer (but still weather resistant).
  • I have String King right now and I really like it. It works great and can be used in any weather. It's a little pricey but you can a whole kit that truly has everything you'll need.
    Kevin Rowen
  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    In reference to the post title, "how do you know when you need new mesh" ... I have this old mesh from Jimalax, it's one of their "speciality" kits (I think it's called Ruby mesh), and it appears really dirty and it is pretty rock solid at this point after playing in the rain multiple times. The pocket doesn't move at all, which I love because I always know how it will throw. When other people see it they always comment that I should get new mesh but I like the consistency.
    Piotr Stalmach
  • oglaxrat27oglaxrat27 Turners Falls, MA
    edited September 2013
    I'll touch on both aspects of this question. First, my overall preference for my short sticks will be any one of a number of traditional pockets I've strung. So it's hard for me not to say that everyone should not only learn to string their own mesh pockets, but traditional as well. As far as mesh goes, my preference is the semi-soft and ultralight hybrid mesh from Stringer's Shack in North Adams, MA. Besides the quality, it's made locally (to me). But when I change my mesh also ties in to my love of the mesh that comes out of the Stringer's Shack. I'm a bit of a stringing fiend. I played all summer with a pocket in my long stick I strung with Stringer's Shack Hybrid mesh. It took a beating from hot and humid days to cool rainy days and the pocket still performs as good as the day i strung it. So in my case, I like to try out different variations of pockets til I find one I like, so I will replace the mesh after the season is over or throw another head i've strung on with a pocket i like. Here is where the Stringer's Shack tie in comes back, in my beating of sticks, from concrete, to field, to box, etc, I've never had any of their products fail on me, but their pricing allows me the luxury of being able to play with and replace mesh as much as I want. Plus the wide variety of mesh available allows for unlimited options, from uncoated soft mesh, to composite's, to hard mesh and everything in between.

    So to summarize a long winded answer: if you're questioning whether its time or that you should replace the mesh, just do it. Teach yourself to string if you don't string already and you'll learn to fine tune your pocket and never be afraid to yank a pocket out and redo it. #stringyourown
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  • pandapanda Waxhaw NC
    @oglaxrat27 same for me rick usually i just get tired of my sticks pocket after a few months of play and will purchase the same or a new mesh from the shack
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