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Does size really matter?

I know it stinks to be small and played wrongly at positions. I was 4'8 81lbs going into my first year of U-13 but deffinitly not my first year of lax! I got extremely under played and I saw it happen to my brother through high school but finally my brother got to be a starter. Back on topic some coaches look at disadvantages of a player and forget to weigh out the pros. So I thought well did I forget to do something. So I came up with this why don't we come up with ways to make a impression, and also dominate our disadvantages and make the pesky things pros! If you can relate I wanna here your story!


  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    I was 5'3 105 lbs. going into my freshman year last year. I got up to 125 through weights that year and last year I was better than someone in my grade who was 6' and 180 lbs but he got played more than I. He hasn't shown up to summer league at our school and I was the only crease man and I had 4 goals, 3 offhand, in the last game. I'm working tirelessly to get the best I can and I'm 5'5 130ish right now, our coach said to me if I stay in the weight room and continue I can get the starting spot. I dislike that size is such a big part of the game but it can't be helped. I just resolved to work as I can.
  • I was 5'3.5 113 lbs going into my freshman year. I just tried to put on as much muscle mass as possible and I pushed through it, eventually the coach noticed and I started starting.
  • Yeah I'm getting built to, but I just kind of wanted here some examples of how hard work can beat out a lot more than just size.
  • The prevailing wisdom today says you can't be recruited to a top DI school without size and strength. I think that's completely overblown. I know loads of players who were average-or-below in size but extraordinarily in talent and ended up contributing to some great college programs. After all, if you can find your way onto a DI team, they're going to turn you into a top athlete eventually. That's what their generously funded and expertly run strength and conditioning programs are for.

    Speed continues to be much more important IMHO. Look at Case Matheis of Darien and Duke. He was, to put it mildly, a pipsqueak early in high school, but he was talented and extremely quick. That much was enough to earn him an early commit to Duke, where their trainers packed on enough bulk to allow him 52 points in his freshman year against the biggest, baddest poles in DI.

    I'm not saying smaller players shouldn't hit the weights. They absolutely should. But if, like some, your body simply won't allow you to bench 200 lbs until your early twenties (if ever), there are still many other ways to become a top-notch lacrosse player. Take a run to your nearest school, hit the wall, repeat.
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    Coaches always notice guys with good field instincts and who are uncanny at coming up with every ground ball, which in high school will be plenty.
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  • Yeah, I'm moving and I think this year I'm gonna get a spot on the traveling team. But still crossing fingers to be able to get on the team a lot of older kids but talent and hard work prevail.
  • Unfortunately on the first pass of evaluating players, size and speed tend to get people noticed quickly. However, I believe that most coaches at the HS and college level will still give a higher priority to stick skills and overall lax IQ.
  • carsonb32carsonb32 dallas, tx
    I was 5'6" 130 (almost all muscle mass Be:165 squat:270) and size helps in lacrosse, but it doesn't matter. What matters is your athleticism. How can you use what you are given to make you the best you can be. I was a starter this year at midfield, and of course since I was smaller I was subject to being thrown around a lot more than the other guys. But, when it came to offense it was all about skill and athleticism (13g 28a). And sure it can be tougher to get bast a guy who is 6'3" and as fast as you but, enough trickery and you can work your way through it.

    And here is a great example, so in the State Championship, the other team had a midfielder who was 6'2" 200 (just an athletic beast) going to canisus, But our smallest guy 5'5" maybe 135-140 was the person to guard him, and when I say he shut him down, I mean he shut him Down. He left the guy with no points and not getting almost any touches, because his stick skills are unbelievable. He manages to get his stick into places even when you have perfect ball protection.

    So does size matter? No, it's the skillz that killz
  • Going into my freshman year I was 5'3 120. I wasn't extremely fast or quick but it forced me to work on my stick constantly. From a young age I knew that I had to understand how defenses worked. I began watching college games constantly and I watched how players moved off ball and how slide packages worked. I used that to my advantage. No I wasn't going to break ankles and make Mikey Powell type goals but when I dodged I new where the open man could be and my stick skills were the best on the team because they were all I had. As a senior I am now 6'1 195 lbs. It helps a ton to be bigger then some pole but it would be useless without my IQ and stick skills. Size helps a ton but you don't need to be big to be a great lacrosse player at any level.
    Kevin Rowen
  • i was 5'8" 140lbs freshman year, not too bad for size and i was told i was the best on the team, but its not size, so much of lacrosse is just mental power or say, lax IQ. I'm taller than my coach who is a d1 defenseman and he's taken on Rob panell, He's the first to tell you size doesn't matter, just stay in the weight room and listen to your coaches, you'll go far.
  • Honestly the best thing to do would to be work on things to aid your strengths rather than being held back by physical attributes. Work on quickness rather than strength and play with intensity. We have a kid at our school who is probably 5'5 who plays with a huge amount of heart and is always in the gym. He's in on every ground ball whether it be picking up the man or getting the groundball himself. He can put the ball in the net too. Play with and play hard and youll be perfectly okay
  • pandapanda Waxhaw NC
    im 5'7 135 , but im very fast and stronger than i look use things that will aid into making your strengths even better, like for me since im fast i dropped my heavy football cleats and decided to purchase some Nike mercurial soccer cleats and they really don't look like soccer cleats either
    they way there designed is so that the studs in the back are high and as they go up in the cleat they get shorter but not to short and there's no top spike so theirs like no stress on your feet and you can run insanely fast

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