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Breaking in Hard Mesh

edited July 2013 in Mesh

imageBreaking in Hard Mesh

This week, we're looking at a post that was originally posted back in June, but has seen a few new responses in the past few days. The question is about breaking in hard mesh. Have any tips for our poster?

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  • depending on the brand of mesh, sometimes just running it under warm, not hot, water will help
  • What I usually do is take the mesh, put it in the bathroom sink and put the drain stopper in and start the water, usually warm to hot. While its filling up ill take either liquid hand soap or shampoo and put a small handful in while the water while its running. It will start to foam up (especially if you use shampoo) and i usually let the foam/water level rise until it covers the mesh completely. Ill let it sit for 5-10 minutes then I take the mesh out rise out the suds and then fold over the first row and twist and pull on each end stretching it out as much as possible and repeat with the next row and continue 3/4 to all the way down the mesh.

    After its decently stretched out ill start stringing and if once im done stringing and the mesh has started to dry and hasn't softened up much ill take hand lotion and work it into the pocket where the ball will sit. Repeat as necessary to soften up the mesh.

    I've done this process or some variation of it since I started stringing and it has worked pretty well so far. Hope this helps.
  • Billy NguyenBilly Nguyen Bronx, New York
    hair shampoo and or conditioner will work. If you are really lazy like I am, you can even throw it in with your laundry. Or rub shaving cream all over it and leave it overnight to soak in and get the mesh extra soft. Or be old school and just go hit the wall and ball for a couple of hours, that never fails.
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