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What are the perks of a trad and east coast mesh?

I need to restring a head of mine and I want to hear the perks of both.

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  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    Answer ✓
    I primarily use these two for stringing, hands down. I've strung 63 heads in the last 3 months and of them, only 5 used stringing that was not ECM or trad/pita.

    ECM- Durable, incredibly easy to string and you get to see you pocket develop and break in almost completely as you string. In SOME cases reusable. I had two heads break and I just unstrung them and strung the piece on another head. Very waterproof, if you use cloth shooters like the ones you get from Jimalax or from @eastcoastdyes website the stringing doesn't change all that much. I have 7am practice then workouts this summer. Used the exact same head and stringing since June 2nd. Not changed, still perfect in the wet dew and used it in the rain and during night games in the rain as well. Best mesh I've used, period.

    Trad/Pita- Harder to string obviously. Depends on your skill with it, I'm so so with trad but I'm very good with mesh so I primarily don't use trad. But it does offer amazing hold and can work for you when strung properly better than almost any mesh pocket. Its consistency is amazing with a great pocket and can really be very fine tuned and specific to your play style, once I get better with it I will use it a lot more. If your not that great at it like me yet, (It takes me a while to get a truly amazing trad pocket) I would learn at some point if your interested. Its a great skill to have and to know how to do.

    To end, I love both. If this is a game head, that you want perfect for every pass, shot, cradle, anything period, go with what your best at. If you can do trad well enough, kudos and I hope you to see your work with it. If you use mesh, and its ECM, I highly recommend it. I cannot rave about it enough. I hope to see what you choose and what others have to say. Post a picture if you'd like I'd love to see it!


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