2018 FIL Lacrosse Championships: Back To Manchester

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image2018 FIL Lacrosse Championships: Back To Manchester

News is quickly spreading that the 2018 International Lacrosse Championship, hosted by the FIL, will return to Manchester, England. 2018 will mark the FOURTH time England has hosted to FIL games (1978, 1994, 2010 and now 2018), and this will give England more FIL games hosted than any other country.

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  • Ehhh....I'm not sure I am happy about this. I would have also loved to see it moved to another country.
  • If you were in Manchester you would remember how great it was having the fields so close to the housing. And having the beer tent in the midst made it even more fun. I wish Denver luck in doing it as well.
  • The fields were nicely close to the player housing, but not to any hotels or similar lodging for the fans coming into town. The recommended hotel by the tournament was many, many miles away in the city center & getting to the venue was a time-consuming venture. I don't think it would be difficult to improve upon it.
    Australia 2002 was still the class of the World Games in this millenium, with the next best organized international tourney being the 2004 European Championships in Prague. Learn the 3 key lessons from these games (1. Transportation, 2. Transportation, and 3. Transportation!) and everything can be happy for everyone.
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