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Introduce Your Girlfriend to Lacrosse

We have all been there at some point in our lives. First loves, first girlfriends, first summer romance, call it what you will they are still magical and are a large portion into forming who we are as people. When we are first going through the early phases of these relationships we find out a lot about each person. What we eat, how we dress, our favorite movies, and of course the sports we play and these roads all lead to our other love lacrosse. When we talk about the sport with our signifigent other our passion shows through, and this is something many people can find attractive. While your motivation towards the sport can be something of a desirable nature that your significant outher sees in you, they may not understand what the sport is and how it is played. Take him or her to a few games introduce them to it gradually explain the rules and be considerate if they do not understand the game at first. Have them go on late afternoon wall ball sessions with you and play catch with you. Never be over powering with your passion of lacrosse always show that you will have time for their passions and yours will have a place in theirs. Becoming a better lacrosse player is hard, but can become much more enjoyable when there is some one you love walking with you on the journey.
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