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Does lacrosse promote a White Culture of Violence?

edited July 2013 in The Sideline
The link below was submitted to us anonymously today, and we thought we'd take a minute and share it with you. At the 4:10 mark of the video, Cord Jefferson,'s West Coast Editor, makes accusatory comment about the sport of lacrosse and how it relates to young people learning bad behavior.

Give it a watch/listen, and let us know what you think.
"These young people are learning this kind of behavior in lacrosse camps..."
UPDATE: They got us! Apparently this whole thing was an "elaborate joke about racism for a national audience" co-conspired by Cord Jefferson and MSNBC Host Chris Hayes. It was follow up to a satirical piece Cord recently published. Read the details here. Nonetheless, not too cool that lacrosse was mentioned in this context.
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  • It is interesting, and on a number of levels!

    First off, the video, Cord's earlier article on Gawker, and some of his tweets were all satire.

    Any uproar is kind of like when George Michael and Ann are protesting Desperate Housewives (on arrested development), and the exasperated produced comes out of his house saying "it's satire!". Very similar.

    Jefferson has taken a somewhat common news trope of late, the "black people commit a lot of black on black murders, so their culture is inherently flawed" (you can find examples of this type of "journalism" on Fox News, National Review, etc), and flipped it on its head by using a "riot" filled with white people as a counter example.

    As usual, lacrosse is lumped in to white culture. This is part of the satire too.

    The idea behind satire is to take something that people seem to accept as normal, flip it around a bit or make it over the top, to show what was wrong with the original statement or idea.

    If a white person were offended by lacrosse being mentioned in this video or felt the overall characterization of whites was unfair, now they could potentially understand (sort of) how a black person reading the aforementioned articles on Fox and the NR might feel.
  • Ryan MulvaneyRyan Mulvaney Supreme Overlord Caldwell, ID
    This was brilliant. It's obviously satire at it's finest. It's so over the top that it's very difficult to take seriously, especially when Cord said, "My prom date was a white woman. She was extremely white. She rode horses and all that stuff." If that wasn't a dead giveaway then I don't know. I did a final paper/project about the lacrosse community as a whole last semester and most of the research pointed at lacrosse as a sport for privileged upper-middle class white boys. This was a brilliant way to bring racism as a whole into the public's eye because it focuses on the white community and and paints them negatively. It's frustrating to have lacrosse camps mentioned, but in the eyes of society, lacrosse is a sport dominated by white people.
    Connor Wilson
  • That was brilliant. What a clever/comical way to bring attention to media/culturally accepted inequalities.
    Connor Wilson
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