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Shafts for x

Im new to lacrosse and was wondering about some good shafts for x and some good heads for the position as well.


  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    It really is all about preference!

    My favorite head of all time is the Brine Clutch - I think I've used 6 or 7 different ones in my career, and currently use the Clutch X6 (which is legal in college only, just FYI). The Warrior Evolution or Evo is also a great head, and like the Clutch there are many different versions. Some people also love the Proton Power series from STX. There are plenty of other good ones out there too, but these are some of the "classics" for attack.

    For a shaft, it depends on what shape you want it to be, if you want it to have built in grip, etc. I would recommended going for a lighter stick, but still try to get something that can take a check as playing at X you will take your fair share of those. I have been using the Maverik H2 shaft for the last 3 years because I love its shape and how light it is while still holding up well. But it's really up to what feels most comfortable for you!
  • @Krowen is 100% right, it really is all about personal preference.

    The best thing to do, would be to hit up your local lax shop and play around a little with all the shafts they have in stock. Focus more on the grips and shape, and less on the brand name.

    Then you can search around to find the best deal given what you are looking for and what you liked the best, whether that's online or at the shop.

    I'm a middie, but I play both sides of the ball and invert sometimes. I've been using an Easton Scandium shaft that has held up really well and has a slightly textured grip. Would definitely recommend checking that one out.
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    Shaft wise I am a big endorser for using the Sc+ Ti Pro, however that is one of the most expensive shafts out there and with the new Sc+ Ti's its harder to find one. What @Krowen and @Krieg_Shaw both said is 100% true, go with what's comfortable, stronger guys don't mind heavier shafts and some people like grip or prefer lots of tape. I started using the SC+ Ti after borrowing a friends during practice, the name had tape over it so I didn't even know what shaft it was.

    To me I don't prefer to be flashy in what gear I use, a lot of people say, as do I, its not the wand, its the wizard. If you are leaning towards a more expensive shaft that you discover, if you love it enough look online for the pole version if there is one and get that and cut it in half. You get more for your money and personally for my shaft I like that I had to cut at the designed name so my shaft just looks solid black, with no design.

    Head wise I completely am with @Krowen, the Clutch is my favorite head. I play X as well am going to get a new one. All versions are great, the only one I haven't used is the new Elite. But I would go with a head thats more pinched than most if you're an X man who dodges a lot, especially one-handed. Hope this helps!
  • Thanks do you guys know any good sidewall patterns for the Clutch 2. I just picked one up on sale
  • And I would like a high pocket so if you have any good patterns for a high pocket please share.
  • East Coast dyes has a bunch of clutch patterns just look it up on YT
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