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I was wondering if anyone had any tips for fixing a cracked head. I have an OG Razer that I used in high school and I would really love to get it into decent condition so I can dye it, string it, and display it. I have a crack right in the middle of the scoop that splits it in half. I have read a lot of things about soldering irons, epoxy, super glue, fire, etc to get the plastic back together. Does anyone have any experience with this and could offer some sound advice? I don't need it to be field worthy, just presentation worthy. Thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer.

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  • scearleyscearley Cascadia
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    Hot glue is actually plastic chemically reformulated to adhere.

    I've not tried this on a lacrosse head, but I've done this with other plastics.

    So the breakdown is:
    1) hot glue
    2) use a spoon to shape the glue, since it won't stick to the metal. (If you have proper sculpting tools, more the better. If you don't, don't bother with that expense)

    Now if you're missing part of the plastic, you'll need to make a mold, which is easier than it sounds. Use parchment paper as the mold backing. To make the mold, get some quantity of cardboard and tape firmly in place. (This is assuming the missing plastic is a section of the head, and not, for instance, part of the throat or a broken stringing hole. If it's that broken....well, you'd still use a mold, but I have no suggestions on forming the mold)

    Don't skimp on the glue. Remember, you're sculpting. You always start with more than you need then remove what isn't art.
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