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Hot Pot: I Love Open Tryouts!

edited August 2013 in The Sideline
imageHot Pot: I Love Open Tryouts!

Decades ago, Open Tryouts for college lacrosse teams were much more common than they are now. A coach might have known that he was getting a couple of star players each year, but pulling athletes from the general student body was a time honored tradition, and one that yielded some excellent players and, eventually, some excellent coaches. In some cases, it was also required just to round out the roster. The Open Tryout needs to make a comeback!

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  • We had open tryouts at my D3 school. The coach wasn't giving out gear, but anyone who wanted to could try out. I wasn't recruited (coach didn't know my name for the first 2 weeks), but I just tried out and made the team while some guys who were "recruited" got cut.
    You really can't have truly "open" tryouts for lacrosse because you need the gear, and also if someone has never played lacrosse before they will slow down everyone else and potentially get themselves hurt. Football has more potential to just teach an athletic guy how to tackle whereas lacrosse requires catching and throwing.
    I am all for anyone who wants to trying out, although it would seem like you kind of need some kind of lacrosse experience to tryout.
  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    @nolaxin we've seen some of the same problems in the past with our MCLA programs, especially with out of state guys who have playing experience but didn't think to bring their gear to campus right away. You can't try out if you don't have your equipment! But, that's why communication with the incoming players you do know about is important, and I think things like social media can help get the word out to non-recruited players before they are on campus. There will always be true walk-ons, especially at the MCLA level, but 21st century technology sure does help!
  • Mark DonahueMark Donahue Video King! Boise, ID
    "3) It’s good for support. Football teams draw support naturally, but lacrosse teams often need to work for it. I can’t think of a better way to drum up a small, but dedicated, group of fans each year than by hosting Open Tryouts. Give each attendee a T-shirt that says “I tried out for men’s lacrosse”. Or sell them at cost if the NCAA forces you to. See if the students don’t wear it with pride. It’s small, but it’s a start in creating a buzz on campus."

    I'd be the Van Wilder of trying out for college lax.
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