Gear Showcase: Rip It! Goal by Rukket

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imageGear Showcase: Rip It! Goal by Rukket

Today, we check out the Rukket Rip It! goal - a 4' x 4' collapsible goal that is ready to go just about anywhere with you.

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  • All 4x4 collapsible goals are poor for training as a box goalie. They don't have the same heft, they don't have the weight to stay in place. You could stake them down, but then they're more solid/fixed than in gameplay. I've tried working this problem out myself, eventually settling on constructing a PVC goal and filling the upright bars with cement. But in that case the portability takes a hit.

    I realize this is a very specific complaint with portable goals. Living in a condo/apartment means no yard to keep a goal in place so it has to be portable to play. Especially since practicing on a lawn/park isn't ideal for box practice for any position. (Tennis courts are nice for this since they're plentiful and it's easy to find a time when nobody's using them)

    There must be a solution with hinges but I don't have a metal shop to work this out.
    Mark Donahue
  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    The biggest problem I've had with "backyard" goals is that they can't stand up to real shots. It's nice that this one can be staked into the ground.
  • Mark DonahueMark Donahue Video King! Boise, ID
    For a box goalie, yeah it's almost useless, but for box players and/or field guys without a lot of room, it seems pretty legit. I'll just have to have Krieg bring it back to the office for a little 2v2 game:)
    scearleyMichael Allen
  • I just ran across one of these new on ebay and they're going for $45. forget what I said, this is a steal for a 4x4 practice net. You can buy a nice crankshooter net for this (net's replaceable, right?????) and still come in cheaper than normal big name practice goals.
    Mark Donahue
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