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Major League Lacrosse: So You Didn’t Make it to Philly

edited August 2013 in Major League Lacrosse

imageMajor League Lacrosse: So You Didn’t Make it to Philly

Four disappointed teams will be stuck at home on Championship Weekend. What went wrong, and can they turn things around next season?

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  • First off I agree about the Joel White comment. He is a great LSM and should be representing USA in Denver. I do not know when he wasn't invited to the tryouts. Now as for the NY Lizards. I believe they should do Mark Matthews and Matt Gibson a favor and trade them to different teams so they can get a chance to play full time like they should. Those are allstar athletes!!! On a side note the Hounds need to take Jovan Miller off the practice squad. I mean it's JoviNation. Maybe Ohio could use him. I miss seeing him play. He is another great player,
    Chris Rosenthall
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