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What's the most important position?

The age old dispute, which position is most important? A goalie may say defense, an attack man may say other wise. Truth is, we will never know. The player with the highest salary (Paul Rabil) is a midfielder, but does that mean anything? Let me know what you guys think.


  • stickmanlaxstickmanlax Antwerp,Belgium
    edited August 2013
    I think this is a question that will never have a decent answer. All 10 guys on the field are off equal importance, at least thats what i believe, anyone who has ever played man down can surely testify to that. Everybody has to put in the work on the field offcourse. But that is more a individual player thing then positional. :)
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  • I think that the most important position switches throughout the game, like at the face off, the fogo is the most important, but then if he wins the defense doesn't do much, and attack and middies are the most important, and vice versa
  • I believe no matter what, it is a team effort.

    Yes having an allstar attack would help you win. But the attack would be rendered completely useless without capable midfielders and defensive players. I think goalie is one of the most crucial positions, along with defense, you can't win if you can't convert it out or stop the ball. I am an attack-man saying this, not being biased.

    But I also, as unbiasedly as possible, would argue that offense-minded midfielders and attack-man also are the key to winning, even if you don't get scored on, it's still a tie if you can't get it in the goal.

    I work a lot on my individual skills and at times I feel after shooting for hours at a time, invincible. But lacrosse is a TEAM sport, everyone, even the bench, contributes. Lacrosse started out as game of tribe against tribe. In my mind, at least with my school team, it still is tribe against tribe.
    manlyman1417[Deleted User]
  • The most important position... is the Coach. No player, can be the BEST or most IMPORTANT player from start to finish. The Coach must be able to recognize at each point which player can best fill that role at any given moment.
    jonnyvegas45Kevin RowenMichael Allenmanlyman1417
  • "A great goalie can make you invincible, inspire an underdog team, get the girl, and restore honor to you and your family "

    A great goalie is the base of a good team. But lacrosse is a team sport and the poles need to make shots saveable then clear the ball to the middies who need to be able to set up the offense and get the ball to the attack who need to cut and shoot efficiently when there are poles allover them. That is the flow of the game. To play a specific position you need a specific skill set. For example middies need to be naturally good runners, poles ussualy are the bigger guys ant the attack men have the fastest reflexes. But there are also slow middies small poles and clumsy attackman who wren just as good ass the traditional way of thinking. There for no position really has more importance than another. Ifact I will quote my coach " there are two positions on the field ;goalie and not goaile. In other words guys you play every position "
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