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My USAMLAX Roster Prediction

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  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    From @thebuckethelmet via twitter: "I think you've just gotta go with Dano. A bona fide leader, and no attackman is more versatile."

    I can see Mundorf trading places with Dino, maybe. I think Danowski and Pannell virtually fulfill the same need, and I don't see a problem with Pannell being that leader. I think he can handle it. But Danowski and Pannell could run a nasty two-man game.
  • thebuckethelmetthebuckethelmet The past
    edited September 2013
    If we're making projections on recent MLL results, I think you've got to put Dano's leadership above Pannell's. RP3 is one hell of a player, but do you think all those older Team USA vets are going to up and follow an international and professional rookie into battle?

    But this one's kind of gotten away from me--I actually don't see either of them being the biggest "leaders" on this USA squad. If veteran status counts for anything, this will be Striebel's team, regardless of how many points he puts up. (Which will be quite a few.)

    Two final points on Dano/RP:
    -This MLL season showed that Dano is one of the most, if not the most, physically dominant attackmen in the game. Sawyer may have tallied the points in Charlotte's upset over Denver, but Dano took the punches. Pannell, while definitely no pushover, still looked like a college player this year.*
    -I think Dano's two-point shooting ability has to count towards his unbelievable versatility. Personally I think he's the Most Interesting Attackman in the World: "I don't always stand at the top of the arc, but when I do, I score from sixteen yards."

    The last comment I'd make on your (very thorough and well-argued) list pertains to the keepers. All reports indicate that J. Burke has absolutely killed it this weekend, and as a raw stopper he's probably better than anybody. (Seemingly contradictory) ditto for Drew Adams. Ghitleman was my favorite keeper of the summer--no one has fundamentals like his--and Galloway has been impressive in tryouts as well, but I think the final roster is going to include one (or both) of that Burke-Adams combo. Somehow I haven't heard much about Schwarty's tryout, but I didn't really see him as the best MLL goalie this year; he was just the one with the best defense.

    *How cool is it that saying, "He still looks like a college player," no longer means, "We need him for our club team. We're out of shape, but he still looks like a friggin' college player"?
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    Kevin Rowen
  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    @thebuckethelmet I didn't fully consider Danowski's ability to stretch a defense, and I think that is a big plus that Mundorf doesn't have. I just think you can only have so many field generals in at attack at one time. They are all great, but you only need one (or maybe two) to have a great team. That's why you have other role players along with your stars (not that almost everyone on the list isn't a star). I would be shocked if all three of them didn't make the 46-man list (unless it's due to Mundorf's injury).

    To your point about the goalies: it could really be anyone in those two spots. I'm assuming four will make it through the first cut, and I expect Ghitelman and Burke to definitely be there. I also heard very little about Schwartzman, so it'll be interesting to see if he makes it. If I was selecting this team without a tryout (based solely on my knowledge of the players), I would still go with Ghitelman and Schwartzman, though.
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