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Creating hold with NCAA legal stringing

I'm going into my Junior year in high school and I want to get comfortable with the 2013 NCAA rules but I can't seem to get much hold in my stick. I tilt my stick and the ball rolls out pretty much right away, does anyone have any tips for getting hold without having much whip?
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  • Ryan MulvaneyRyan Mulvaney Supreme Overlord Caldwell, ID
    One simple solution is to go with a traditional pocket because they offer more hold than mesh does. If you're looking to stick with mesh I would suggest adding a third shooter and graduating the tightness (tightest up top to the loosest at the bottom). Sometimes adding that one extra shooter makes a huge difference. It creates a more gradual track for the ball to leave the pocket and reduces excess whip. Try adding in that third shooter and see how it works and feels. If you're still getting too much whip for your liking switch the top shooter out for a piece of sidewall string or crosslace. Hopefully this helps.
  • If you're not looking to go to traditional like @Rydensaur recommended, I would advise going with a tighter channel than you would normally use. Interlock lower than you would normally or have your first double or single be a 1i or 2i instead. Shooter change ups are a good idea, you could do as Rydensaur said or go with even higher shooters and use a u-shooter at the top. Go three rows below you top shooter and go diamondss straight, go up 2 and go until you'd make it symmetrical.

    Another recommendation is using a chenango topstring. I use one now with no shooting strings at all, although I did make make the topstring different and I reversed the second string during my triangle top part so I would have a diamond's width nylon for it to roll off of. The channel is very tight with it so it creates good hold if you interlock a few times. I have about 2/10 whip with a 6-7/10 hold. If you want to use either of my ideas. I can message you pics or post them here. Hope I helped!
  • thestringer7thestringer7 big rapids, mi
    i would definitely recommend a traditional pocket to you to get that extra hold you're looking for. I myself use a pita pocket with the twists in the dog-track looser then the ones at the top and more twists added to make an extra large diamond so the ball sits exactly where i want it to, at all times.
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  • I love this lax all stars blog, @jackmish thank you! I think I'm gonna give traditional another shot on my wider head but my super power I'll tighten up the channel a little bit
  • A softer mesh will help to make up for the lack of shooting strings.
  • pagano92pagano92 Ontario, Canada
    like they said with the mesh, definitely try to tighten up the channel a bit, but also toss a nylon on the top row of diamonds and tighten it right up. or you can always try 6 diamond, east coast dyes has a video on using 6 diamond to suit the new NCCA rules and it offers great hold, just a little more tricky to string
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    I have found multiple alternatives in the NCAA rules to get around that pesky hold issue.

    I have found monster mesh (6 or 8 diamond) with 2 shooters to hold quite well, I use this on my F.O NozX.

    I personally use a traditional, with wide diamonds, doubled up (as if it looks like a regular set of diamonds but has had a wide traditional string job over a wide tradiditional) with 3 shooters, on my attack NozX.

    Lastly on my Voyce 6X I took a piece of mesh that had a U in it so long that the channel already formed from the U and stays in the mesh after its been removed. I have found that with many hard mesh sticks, when they break in with the U in them, their channel remains even after removing it. So I try to break mesh heads in with a U, then remove the U for games (but keeping the channel.)

    My sticks are in my car or else I would post pics of each.
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