Making The Cut: Team USA’s Next Test

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imageMaking The Cut: Team USA’s Next Test

On October 5th, Team USA hopefuls will once again face a grueling day of lacrosse to decide who makes the team, and who gets cut. The 52 man roster has been split into 26 man "White" and "Blue" teams, and before taking on each other in an inter-squad scrimmage, the White squad will take on Loyola, while the Blue squad will face Towson. The games will be played as part of the Play for Parkinson's Showcase on October 5th in…

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  • My first choice would be JOEL WHITE!!!!! No but really idk if I could chose just 23 players from the list. there are some many stars and role players.Kyle Hartzell and Matt Abbott are my first pics because I am a D guy who loves to run. Kip Turner and Jesse S. for goalies. Give me the BEAST and Kyle Harrison ALL DAY LONG. Brendan Mundorf, Drew W and CHAZZ WOODSON just because I can. I mean he is still nasty but a leader and doesn't just take it all the time like he use to but moves it. Rabil, Max Seibald and Matt Striebel. Toss Brian K, Lee Zink and Kyle Sweeney. That gives me 15 so still nine to go. But from there its a crap shot to me. EXCEPT Jeff Reynolds. need him to so 16 now. So the last 7 spots are up for grabs on my 23 man USA team. what you think @ConnorWilson.
  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    If only these games were streamed online... But I'll take the 60 actual World Championship games being aired by ESPN!
  • oglaxrat27oglaxrat27 Turners Falls, MA
    Pretty awesome seeing my boy Striebel on the top of this article. Known him since I started playing 20 years ago and he is an absolute beast.
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