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Hot Pot: Rethinking The NCAA Finals

edited September 2013 in Division I

imageHot Pot: Rethinking The NCAA Finals

I have truly enjoyed reading every word of Gordon Corsetti's three part series on The Original Game. Each post has been a learning experience, and I've been surprised at just how much the original game has helped shape (and still shapes!) the modern version of field lacrosse. While there are a number of great old rules, one overarching concept I'd love to see brought back to field lacrosse is the Best-of-Five Series being required to win a championship.

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  • Say it ain't so CW! While I would love more lacrosse and playing a series is without a doubt a much better way of determining the better team, I love the current format. I often say that the one thing lacrosse does better than any other sport is the college playoffs. A best of whatever series seems too much like MLB, NBA, and NHL playoffs. These playoffs often become boring and seem to last forever. Unless it's my beloved NJ Devils, I will only watch elimination playoff games in the other sports. I don't think it's any coincidence of all the major sports the NFL (single elimination, but not tournament style because teams get re-seeded after each round) has by far the highest ratings. One and done is just more exciting in my opinion.
  • I'm all for a series as well, and for the championships being hosted at colleges.
    The reason I would watch a series is because not only would it be more lacrosse, and it would prove even better who the better team is, but not as star players would be able to shine as well. I'm not saying I disliked watching Josh Dionne tear it up the last game, he's an amazing player and fun to watch. But I know some of the other players at Duke who I would've love to see play and show their commitment to their team who might get more time to play because, most players couldn't play five full games within enough days to not make the series boring and too long.
    Colleges hosting would be awesome because it would draw attention to the college, free marketing for the college and I can't see anyone against that. And also the NFL stadiums are kind of annoying, they don't fill as much for games like that in comparison to NFL games and its kind of a drawback seeing so many empty seats in some games. It would send a better message to draw more fans to the games if they see them full. People want things that are small in quantity, and let's be honest sit would be awesome to see a full set of stands for every game.
  • A series would be awesome to watch! I think it would bring in more of teams having to win than stars shining with their teammates behind them back to the game. Also the smaller venues would be an absolute hit! I mean the LXM has smaller venues but are packed every single time. The atmosphere is always upbeat and fun which is something I would like to see brought back to the championship series. Like CW said though I have a hard time thinking the NCAA is going to change their mind's too quickly on this one. But with attendance falling rapidly year after year and ticket prices still going up things are going to have to change.
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